End-point assessments for the creative and cultural industries

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PR & Communications Assistant (level 4)

A public relations and communications assistant is responsible for researching and understanding client/organisational goals and objectives and, using digital and communication expertise, supporting the delivery of effective campaigns. This could take various forms including supporting social media activity, blogs, press releases or planned events. They communicate with different people: the media, the public, internal colleagues or any number of different audiences to get their client’s organisation’s message across and influence opinions and behaviour in the most effective way. The occupation requires using one’s own initiative while supporting those leading on campaigns and so involves working closely with colleagues in a team environment.

Gateway requirements

  • Level 2 English and maths
  • Agreement by the apprentice’s employer and the EPAO, of a work-based project to be completed by the apprentice during the EPA. The work-based project will be the basis for the project report, presentation and questioning assessment method. The agreed work-based project start date will mark the start of the apprentice’s 14-week EPA period.

Assessment methods

  • Knowledge test - a one-hour multiple choice test consisting of both knowledge and scenario-based questions
  • Project report - presentation and questioning related to the work-based project agreed with the employer. Consists of a 2,500-word report, 10-minute presentation and 25 minutes of questioning. To be held at the training provider or employer premises on the assessment day

Indicative duration of assessment

The three assessments will be completed within 14 weeks of gateway (subject to availability of facilities and assessor). The presentation and questioning will take place in the last three weeks of the 14 weeks
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