Centre Handbook and Forms

We have dedicated this page to our policy and procedure documents that you will need to operate effectively as an AIM Awards Centre. The most important document to read is 'Being an AIM Awards Centre'.

We've also made available the forms you might need when working with us, for example the Request for Special Consideration Form, as well as some sample documents that you can choose to use for assessment and internal verification.

Our forms relating to Access to HE are found further down the page.

Centre Handbook

A Guide to Assessing AIM Awards Qualifications

AIM Awards Portal Guidance

AIM Awards Portal Terms and Conditions

Being an AIM Awards Centre Guidance


Compliments, Complaints and Whistlebowing

Conflict of Interest

Entry 1 Assessment Continuum

Guidance for using Entry 1 Assessment Continuum and Exemplar Learner Transcripts

Entry 1 Learner Transcript Template

How We Quality Assure



Product Withdrawal Policy

Public Information

Privacy Policy

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations


Centre Forms

Centre Recognition Application

Centre Recognition Guidance

Conflict of Interest Declaration

Conflict of Interest Change of Circumstance

Correction of Award Form

Course Amendment Form

Direct Claims Status Application

Learner Transfer Form

Reasonable Adjustments Application Form

Replacement Certificate Form

RPL and Credit Transfer Form

Special Considerations Application

Sample Forms

IV of Assessment Tasks

Assessment and IV Plan

IV of Assessment Decisions

IV of Observed Assessor Practice

Record of Standardisation Activity

Witness Statement

QA5 Approved Internal Verifier Report (DCS centres only)

External Assessments

Invigilation Guidance for AIM Awards External Assessments

Examination Scribe Cover Sheet Word Version

Post-Examination Enquiry Guidance

Post-Examination Enquiry Form Word Version


Access to HE

Access to HE Programme Specification                       

Access to HE - Correction of Award Form

Access to HE: Unit assessment plan and record

Access to HE: Graded task brief   

Access to HE: Graded task feedback form

Access to HE referral claim form

Access to HE Awards Board Policy

Access to HE Modifications Policy

Access to HE – AM2 Modifications Form

Access to HE – The Student's Guide to Grading on the AHE

Access to HE - Withdrawal Policy

Being An AIM Access Centre Guidance

Access to HE Expression of Interest Form


Pre-Access Assessment Strategy