EV Roadshow - Derby - 18th July 2019 **Attendance in Person Only**

EV Roadshow - Derby - 18th July 2019 **Attendance in Person Only**

Starts: Thursday, 18th July 2019 - 10.00am

Ends: Thursday, 18th July 2019 - 3.30pm

Location: Derby

In order to allow for a greater number of possible external verification points a new process is now in place. The external verification roadshow will be visiting a location in your area on a variety of dates during the academic year. You are free to book onto any number of these depending on your requirements.

Attendance at the event will be by appointment only with the first one at 10.00am and the last one at 2.30pm. Appointments will normally be for one hour but if you think that you will require a longer appointment slot then please indicate this at the time of booking.

You will be required to submit and have the IV verify the RACs on the portal no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date stated above.  You will be contacted to send the IV sampling plan 2 weeks prior to the event. 

Bookings will close 2 weeks prior to the event.