Accrediting your Training

At AIM Awards we can work with employers like you to develop creative solutions and qualifications to equip your business with the skills you need for future growth and competitiveness.

Whether you are a small, medium or large scale employer, we are happy to work with you to address your skills gaps.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a formal, third party recognition of competence of an individual or organisation to perform specific tasks. This is normally provided through a qualification or a kite mark.

AIM Awards certificates tens of thousands of qualifications each year to recognise the skills of individuals. We can create qualifications to show that people are capable of carrying out specific roles in your organisation. We will then only award the qualification to individuals who can pass assessments that demonstrate they have the skills required to perform these roles. These could be qualifications people must get before you offer them employment, or qualifications required to secure a promotion/managerial role.

Why Bother with Accreditation?

Getting accreditation can help your business in all sorts of ways:

Accreditation for your Business

Whether you are a small business looking to take on your first apprentice or a large employer looking for a cost-effective way to fill high-level technical skills gaps in your workforce, AIM Awards can develop an accreditation solution to suit you.

AIM Awards has years of experience in developing qualifications in partnership with employers for a variety of sectors. We are able to pool your knowledge of your sector with our knowledge of education to design solutions to tackle the problems you face in finding the right people and the right skills for your business.  However as every business is different, we also offer bespoke, expert support tailored to individual employer's specific needs.

If you want to develop a qualification with us, then contact a member of our Business Development Team today on 01332 341822 or email us