Vocational: AIMVOCs

AIM Awards Suite of Vocational Pathways Qualifications (AIMVOCs)

The AIM Awards Suite of Vocational Pathways Qualifications (AIMVOCs) are suitable for learners pre and post 16, who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in a range of vocational areas:

The qualifications provide opportunities for learners to develop skills in vocational areas along with literacy, numeracy, ICT and employability, enabling learners to test out their abilities and personal preferences before selecting a chosen career or technical employment route.

The qualifications allow learners to achieve the size and level of qualification most suitable for their needs and relevant to their stage of learning, providing an opportunity to work towards qualifications in small steps.

Did you know?
These qualifications have been designed to support learners to build on their knowledge and skills to progress onto higher level qualifications, supporting young people and adults to secure skilled employment to meet the needs of the economy.

Employability and Personal Development qualifications

Alongside our AIMVOCs vocational pathways we have introduced two new suites of Employability Skills and Personal and Social Development qualifications:



Assessment Resource Packs

Along with clear assessment guidance on the individual components, our Quality Team has approved a number of Assessment Resource Packs for components within our Qualifications. These packs are available free of charge to all AIM Awards centres and may be contextualised to meet the needs of your particular learners. A full list of these packs can be found here.

Tips from your Curriculum Support Team

As always, our Curriculum Support Team is available to advise you on the best way of setting up your course(s). But we would like to offer some extra guidance below:

Offering AIMVOCs Qualifications

Our qualification approval process is simple. Once you have designed your course(s) against the rules of combinations detailed in the qualification handbook, you will need to complete a qualification approval request for each course/qualification size here.

Once you have selected the components you wish to create your AIMVOCs course(s) with, please select 'Add to Basket' where we will ask you to complete some more information. You may either complete this request as a 'Guest', or log in using your centre details where your centre information will be pre-filled.  

Once this request has been submitted, your AIM Awards Customer Support Officer will review this application. We check your course against the rules of combinations for the qualification size you have selected, and will contact you with any queries. You will receive an email confirmation from us when your qualification request has been approved. 

You may make amendments to any valid courses, register your learners and track certification using the AIM Awards Portal. You can contact your AIM Awards Customer Support Officer for guidance on using this.

Our Fees and Charges

We have taken extra steps to ensure our pricing structure is clear and simple for the flexible nature of the AIMVOCs qualifications: 



Qualification Charge per Learner

E3 Award


E3 Extended Award


E3 Certificate


E3 Extended Certificate


E3 Diploma


L1, L2, L3 Award


L1, L2, L3 Extended Award


L1, L2, L3 Certificate


L1, L2, L3 Extended Certificate


L1, L2 Diploma



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