Offender Learning

How can we help?

Everyone deserves a second chance and we believe that qualifications can perform a vital role in helping offenders develop the skills they need to turn their lives around.

We have a proud heritage of working with the offender learning estate to develop qualifications, funded by the Skills Funding Agency, that specifically meet the needs of this challenging, yet rewarding, group of learners. From these experiences we have been able to adapt our services to meet the particular needs of this sector.

We can offer:

Ideas for your curriculum

Here are some suggestions based on what we know work for this sector. All of the ideas below can be delivered using AIM Awards qualifications that are eligible for public funding*.

- Sentence planning

We developed our Behaviour Change qualifications with offender learner practitioners specifically to link to this area. The qualifications encourage learners to reflect on their past and try to understand and begin to change their behaviours. They help learners to review their own skills, relationships, health and exercise routines to identify areas of improvement.

- Personal and Social Development

Our Skills for Employment and Further Learning (SEFL) qualifications contain hundreds of units covering all kinds of personal and social development topics, from personal presentation to building confidence, alongside vocational and academic taster units. You can use these to create individualised courses around each of your learners' complex needs.

- Peer Mentoring

Units on this topic from SEFL can be used to accredit courses for learners who are designated listeners, anti-bullying supporters or learners who act as mentors to vulnerable fellow prisoners or colleagues.

- Vocational and pre-employment

Here is a small selection that might be of particular interest:

- Entry Level

Some offender learners may have missed stages of their formal education, or have learning difficulties. We have a broad range of qualifications targeted specifically at Entry Level.

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To speak to someone about how we can help you put together your offender learner curriculum, then call our Business Development Managers or the Customer Support Team on 01332 341822.