Entry Level

Why we are special

We don't like to boast, but we think our Entry Level offer is the best on the market. We have spent a lot of time designing one of the most extensive range of qualifications available at this level.

Specialists and practitioners who work with Entry Level learners on a daily basis helped us to design the content so it fits together logically and adapts to what you and your learners want.

How the qualifications help you

We know that with this cohort of learners, flexibility is key, so with our offer you can:

Ideas for your curriculum

We have over 100 qualifications available at Entry Level. Here are some our key suites which you can use to build progression pathways towards further learning, independent living and employment.

Exploring Work

This suite allows learners at Entry 1 and Entry 2 get involved in the learning that really motivates them: vocational skills. Unlike most qualifications available at these lower levels, they contain units with vocationally specific content in sectors which we know are of particular interest to SEN learners:

Starting off at Award size, the qualifications build up through Extended Awards, Certificates, Extended Certificates through to Diplomas giving you flexibility in course design. There are also optional units available in English and maths which can help you meet the requirements of study programme design.

Developing Work Skills

In contrast to the Exploring Work suite, these qualifications, available at Entry 1, Entry 2 and Entry 3,  focus on generic employability skills, which can be applied in any workplace, such as communication, following instructions and working in a team. Achieving one of these Awards or Certificates will help your learners prepare for engagement with employment, whether it be paid work, supported employment or working as a volunteer.

Independent Living

As the name of these qualifications suggest, they are very much about helping your SEN learners lead a rich and fulfilling life. Available in Awards, Certificates and Diplomas from Entry 1 to Entry 3, they focus on the transferrable social and life skills that are essential for living and working in the community. Examples of topics covered include:


Available at Entry 3 to Level 3, this is one of our most popular suites of qualifications. Go to our dedicated AIMVOCs information page to find out more.

Give us a call

We would love to talk to you through how you can work with us to offer these qualifications.

Call our Business Development Managers or the Customer Support Team on 01332 341822.