Sample Papers

Paper based exams

Sample papers and mark schemes are available for each qualification and can be downloaded below:

All these exams must be taken on set dates in the year which are listed on the 'When do the counselling exams take place?' page.

Online on-demand exam: Level 2 Award in Introduction to Counselling

In addition to the Assessment Packs detailed in the qualification specification, for this qualification your learners must complete and pass an online multiple choice examination which is available on-demand. The assessment is made up of eighteen randomly generated questions, unique to the individual learner. Nine assessment criteria are tested, each by two questions. In order to pass the assessment, the learner must get at least one question correct for each assessment criterion and achieve a pass mark of at least 60%.

You can take a sample online test here.

A paper transcript of this sample online test can be downloaded here.

Other counselling qualifications

All our other counselling qualifications are assessed through different methods of assessment, detailed in the qualification specifications.


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