Our suite of counselling qualifications offers a complete ladder for professional development for aspiring and practising counsellors.

There is something for everyone, from those who may have little or no experience in the subject with our Level 2 Award in Introduction to Counselling, to experienced practitioners looking to move into management positions with our Level 6 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision.

When designing the qualifications, we have been careful to take into account professional counselling bodies’ requirements for the accreditation of counsellors. The suite is structured to ensure their requirements in terms of guided learning hours and practicum are covered.

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Our ladder to professional recognition

These are our key qualifications that will progress you in your career in counselling:

What the qualifications cover

At Level 2 and 3, we introduce learners to counselling skills and build on the key counselling theories. The Level 4 Diploma is the qualification that enables an individual to apply to a professional association and then practise as a counsellor so a 100 hours practicum is a key requirement. The Level 5 and 6 qualifications encourage learners to evaluate their own practice experience and further explore ethical and legal issues, as well as offering the opportunity to research the issues facing counsellors today.

Information on assessment

These qualifications are assessed using a range of different assessment tasks. The required assessment tasks for each qualification are detailed in the Assessment and Quality Assurance Section of the full qualification specification. Examples of these assessment tasks are essays, journals, exams and role-plays. Where the assessment tasks are internally set and internally verified (before being externally verified by AIM Awards), we have included specific guidance and requirements in the Assessment Pack Section of the full qualification specification. 

Information on exams

Some of our counselling qualifications include exams so we have put together some pages about these for prospective and current centres:

Continuing Professional Development

Separate to the main progression pathway, we also have a comprehensive range of standalone Certificates in specialist areas of counselling, which at Level 4 are an excellent way of evidencing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for established counsellors.

Theory-based CPD qualifications

Practice-based CPD qualifications

Offering these qualifications

Our qualification approval process is simple. Once you have selected your qualification(s), you will need to complete a qualification approval request for each course/qualification (found via the links above).

Once you have selected your course(s), please select 'Add to Basket' where we will ask you to complete some more information. You may either complete this request as a 'Guest', or log in using your centre details where your centre information will be pre-filled. 

Once this request has been submitted, your AIM Awards Administration Contact will review this application. We check your course against the rules of combinations for the qualification you have selected, and will contact you with any queries. You will receive an email confirmation from us when your qualification request has been approved. 

You may make amendments to any valid courses, register your learners and track certification using the AIM Awards Portal. You can contact your AIM Awards Administration Contact for guidance on using this.

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