Along with other areas, we are pleased to be expanding our portfolio of Apprenticeship qualifications in the Creative and Cultural Sector by adopting a number of Pearson and EDI qualifications that expired at the end of December 2014. We have been working with Sector Skills Council colleagues and also with Pearson to ensure that our replacement qualifications are added to the relevant Apprenticeship Frameworks and that we can offer a smooth transition for centres who would like to work with us to continue to offer these Apprenticeships.

Our support for centres includes automatic membership of our Creative Provider Network with regular good practice, information and networking events and our newsletter AIM Matters in the Creative Sector. We are also able to offer Functional Skills qualifications as well as Skills for the Creative Industries, a suite of Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications that offer a practical assessment framework for non-Apprenticeship or Pre-Apprenticeship Programmes.

In accordance with Regulations and the introduction of Trailblazer Apprenticeships, the qualifications will be added to existing Frameworks with no amendments. However, we do recognise that some of the qualifications may not automatically be fit for purpose for future Trailblazers, so if you are working with employers who may be interested in developing new assessment models we would welcome an approach.

For more details on these qualifications, or to arrange a telephone chat or book a visit please contact Karen Hedger, Business Development Manager, 07958 337079.

Qualifications Available

Details of the apprenticeship frameworks and qualifications available are listed in the left hand menu. Centres must refer to the relevant full apprenticeship framework document on the Apprenticeships Frameworks Online (AFO) website here, however we have provided a summary of the requirements on these pages. 

We have worked closely with the Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards (FISSS) to produce comprehensive guidance on acceptable evidence when claiming your learner's apprenticeship. This includes which AIM Awards qualification certificates are acceptable. Take a look at their website here.


We have received confirmation from funding agencies that these qualifications are available for funding:

EFA - Our apprenticeship qualifications are listed on Section 96, available for pre-19 funding.

SFA - Our apprenticeship qualifications are available for 19+ adult funding under the relevant apprenticeship frameworks. Simply search for the Qualification Number (without the '/') on LARS and select the 'Frameworks' tab for details on the frameworks.

Offering these Qualifications

Our qualification approval process is simple. Once you have designed your Creative and Cultural course(s) against the rules of combinations detailed in the qualification specifications (found via the left hand menu), you will need to complete a qualification approval request for each course/qualification. You can do this by searching for the qualification via the Qualification Search above and selecting 'Offer this Qualification' on these main qualification pages.

Once you have selected the units you wish to create your course(s) with, please select 'Add to Basket' where we will ask you to complete some more information. You may either complete this request as a 'Guest', or log in using your centre details where your centre information will be pre-filled.

Once this request has been submitted, your AIM Awards Administration Contact will review this application. We check your course against the rules of combinations for the qualification you have selected, any requested staffing resources information you have provided and will contact you with any queries. You will receive an email confirmation from us when your qualification request has been approved. 

You may make amendments to any valid courses, register your learners and track certification using the AIM Awards Portal. You can contact your AIM Awards Administration Contact for guidance on using this.

Give us a Call...

We would love to talk to you through how you can work with us to offer these qualifications.

Call our Business Development Manager, Karen Hedger, or the Customer Support Team on 01332 341822 or