Investing in Your Future

Investing in Your Future (IF) is an Excellence Mark that gives recognition that you are an Excellence Focused Organisation

Investing in Your Future (IF) offers organisations a chance to deliver non-regulated training programmes, giving you the freedom to develop courses to suit the needs of different employers, learners and government objectives and also gives your organisation the flexibility to tailor these courses to niche markets. All Investing in Your Future organisations have a proven record of high standards and continually drive for internal excellence in course design, delivery and quality assurance. You will benefit from the assurance that your systems have been checked and proved to be of a high standard of excellence, an accolade that can be used in your marketing materials.  As a recognised centre, you are able to have your own education courses and programmes validated with our Excellence Mark. This shows they have met AIM Awards’ criteria of excellence in development and delivery.

How will this benefit your organisation?

Competitive edge – Investing in Your Future will add further value to your reputation to help you gain and retain clients

Manage risk – operate within a quality framework to help provide evidence to third parties, such as government bodies, about the quality of the learning experience that you offer

Audit trail - You’ll be visited twice a year by one of our Regional Development Managers, who will provide a report on course development and assessment, to demonstrate rigour and quality in helping learners achieve their goals

Minimise costs - Minimise resource costs and the administrative burden for producing certificates by letting us do it for you with our competitive registration and certification service with Your brand on our certificates – Investing in Future certificates bear your organisation’s logo

You will receive the following:


For any further information including charges then please see the AIM Awards Investing in Futures Handbook

How do I apply?

Below is the process for applying to offer an Investing in Your Future Course:

1. Read the Investing in Your Future Handbook  – this provides information on working with us, from Becoming an AIM Awards Investing in Your Future Centre, through to receiving certificates.

2. Complete the IF Application Form - 1a and the Course Proposal for Validation - 1b.

3. Submit the completed forms to