What is a qualification?

A qualification sets out what an individual needs to know or be able to do in order to be given (awarded) that qualification.

Most of our qualifications are made up of a number of units of learning, each one covering a specific area or topic.

In some qualifications, particularly the smaller ones, a learner may have to do all of the units to get the qualification.

In the majority of vocational qualifications, some of these units will be required units (mandatory) and there will be number of other units to choose from (optional).

What is an awarding organisation?

An awarding organisation, such as AIM Awards, is an organisation or institution which issues qualifications to individuals.

What is a regulated qualification?

Many qualifications offered in the UK are regulated, sometimes known as 'accredited qualifications'. The awarding bodies who offer regulated qualifications have to be recognised by the qualifications regulator. In England, for example, one of our regulators is Ofqual.

Usually, qualifications have to be regulated in order for a college, training provider or a school to receive public funding for their learners.

The existing qualifications available on the market don't meet my needs, is there anything that can be done?

Yes, there are several different options. Depending on the business case, we can work with you to create a qualification bespoke to your needs or kite mark your training. Talk to one of our Business Team to find out we can help on 01332 341822.

How will offering vocational qualifications, apprenticeships or accrediting my current in-house training enhance my business?

We work hard to ensure the training we develop delivers commercial results for you. We do this by truly understanding your needs and ensuring the solutions we propose will deliver on this. Much research has been carried out which demonstrates the return on investment through workforce development, improving employee motivation, productivity and retention.

Are you able to help me source funding?

Yes, depending on the alignment of your project to current policy drivers. See our funding section for more information.

AIM Awards has asked me for a letter of support for one of their qualifications, why have they done this?

In order to gain approval to develop qualifications from the regulators, such as Ofqual or funders like the Skills Funding Agency, we have to give evidence of centre support. This takes the form of letters from employers supporting the qualification content and explaining how learners with the skills covered could benefit their organisation.