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AIM Awards Level 3 Extended Diploma in Games, Animation and VFX Skills (revised)

Suite Overview:

The AIM Awards Suite of Games, Animation and VFX Skills - Revised 17-18 replaces our exisiting suite. 

With their inception drawn from the Government UKCES Ownership of Skills initiative, this AIM Awards Technical qualification has been designed in partnership with employers to cover all the knowledge and skills identified by employers as essential to teams working in any one of the games, animation and VFX industries. The employer representative group who have designed and continue to support the qualifications through the provision of case study materials, workshops and direct contact with individual centres and learner cohorts include:

•    Framestore
•    Double Negative
•    Blue Zoo
•    Ubisoft
•    Sony
•    Microsoft
•    The Imaginarium
•    Creative Assembly
•    MPC

Employers consider that full depth and breadth of knowledge and skills that will most effectively prepare new entrants will be most successfully achieved through the 2 year AIM Awards Level 3 Extended Diploma in Games, Animation and VFX Skills. However, in an acknowledgement that not all learners will be in a position to follow a 2 year course, they have identified a list of components that represent fundamental skills and knowledge that can be effectively used as a launch point and which, together, form a coherent whole sufficient for a Diploma sized qualification.  

Thus art, animation, visual effects, games design, principles of 3D design, maths and product programming all are mandatory components for the Diploma qualification as well as in the Extended Diploma. The Extended Diploma continues learning to encompass the opportunity for learners to develop more sophisticated technical skills, gives them an insight into industry working practice, experience of project and production management including the common industry practice of agile and scrum techniques as well as the opportunity to research an emerging technology or commercial trend that has current and/or potential future implications for one or more of the industries. 

The inclusion of research, essay writing and exams as assessment tools as well as the requirement to produce an asset portfolio ensures that a learner progressing to degree level courses will be well served with the acquisition of study skills that will support them to be able to cope with the independent learning that will be required of them at any Higher Education Institute (HEI).


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Further Information:

Qualification Title AIM Awards Level 3 Extended Diploma in Games, Animation and VFX Skills (revised)
Ofqual Qualification Number 603/3067/3
Total Qualification Time 1725
Guided Learning Hours 1080
Minimum Age 16
Qualification Start Date 01-August-2018
Available In England
Northern Ireland

Please refer to the Qualification Handbook in the pink box above. Individual components and assessment guidance can be downloaded from Section 2 of the Qualification Handbook.

If you would like to offer this qualification, please select the required credits detailed in the Rules of Combination section and select Add to Basket, where we will ask you to complete some more information.

Rules of Combination:

Learners must achieve all mandatory components at level 3 to achieve this qualification.

Components: (Essential components are in bold)

Name Code Level Credit Value Select
Y/616/9356 L3
H/616/9358 L3
F/507/3212 L3
T/616/9364 L3
D/616/9360 L3
H/616/9361 L3
A/616/9365 L3
K/616/9362 L3
F/616/9366 L3
D/507/3220 L3
M/616/9363 L3
R/616/9369 L3

This qualification is available for Advanced Learner Loan funding. Please find more details here.