National Compliance and Risk Qualifications - NCRQ - has been established by a number of leading experts in health and safety. This includes representatives of some of the UK’s largest employers, including the BBC, Royal Mail, Siemens plc, and local authorities, specialists from the Health and Safety Executive, legal experts, and academics.

NCRQ was formed to address the lack of competence of a large number of seemingly “qualified” health and safety practitioners. Employers and experienced regulators both agreed that the existing qualifications did not provide the knowledge and skills that are actually required to supervise or manage employees in a safe manner, to manage the health and safety of an organisation, or to provide assurance of a competent consultant.

Employers require safety practitioners that can effectively manage health and safety; not necessarily those that can answer exam questions that recite safety knowledge. An effective safety practitioner is one that can apply legal duties to any workplace scenario from basic principles, can independently undertake research on topics beyond their knowledge, can confidently determine suitable and sufficient risk control measures that are sensible and proportionate to the risks, and can then justify any additional costs to senior management. The NCRQ suite of safety qualifications provides assurance that an individual has these skills.

In order to further validate the qualifications, NCRQ has an exclusive partnership with us. We give an additional level of oversight and scrutiny to the qualifications, and it is us who will formally award the qualifications to students.

The qualifications we offer in partnership with NCRQ are:

Only NCRQ is permitted to deliver these qualifications.

Find out more at the NCRQ website.


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